Month: October 2014

To push or not to push?

Katherine Patio Miranda
To push or not to push? Combat Lesson
2014 / installation

To push or not to push?

Life seems as an effort to get somewhere, to attain something or to simply get things done. Our natural instinct is to apply an effort to deal with things. As long as there are two forces in opposition, there will be conflict. When the two forces are brought into one, the conflict is resolved.

Exhibition view:

Xavier Le Roy

Xavier Le Roy Product of circumstances http://www.xavierleroy.com/page.php?sp=b484c7a5657f9135a4743af6cf4b70a038ffd7f1&lg=en PRODUCT OF OTHER CIRCUMSTANCES (2009) From and by: Xavier Le Roy Production: Le Kwatt Coproduction: Le muse de la danse – Rennes Thanks to: Boris Charmatz, PAF (performing arts forum) In October 2009, after an email exchange (read here after), Xavier Le Roy created a performance titled Xavier makes someRebutoh.…

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