Wild is the wind

Magnhild Fossum
Wild is the wind
2014 / mixed media

Wind is movement. Wind carries. Wind has a powerful influence on our existence. With population growth, technological development, and globalization we see the development of new “world cities” where the buildings are taller than tall, and the climate is next to tropical. As in Hong Kong, this has lead to the well-known problem known as “the wall effect”, when the wind is literally blocked out from large parts of the city due to the mass of tall buildings. The same concept is applicable to natural light. For safety reasons, you find that in most of these buildings over 24 stories, you cannot open the windows. Artificial wind is the only thing available (air-conditioning and various fans provide the only circulation). This needs a lot of electricity. This is hardly sustainable, and not an environment in which I would like to live. My project is an ongoing reflection on this issue, as I explore wind as an expressive tool for movement, image building, and performativity.

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