Visualisation Strategies & Public Spheres

The notions and functions of art in global and local public spheres

How to investigate/approach transcultural und transdisciplinary topics on the basis of an exemplary case study. How to generate glocal knowledge/information through action-oriented, practically embedded, and artistic strategies.

The seminar focuses on visualisation strategies in urban public spheres and various media, and on the multifaceted potentials of such strategies. Using artistic and theoretical approaches, students will learn how to trace visibility and visualisation strategies in different (cultural, spatial, and media) contexts.

In cooperation with various researchers and research partners, students will explore and intervene in sites in Hong Kong and Zurich.

Project work will be guided by transdisciplinary, transcultural, and action-oriented methods and approaches. The key topics are:

1) Notions of art and their diversity,
2) The formats and forms of art practices,
3) Physical public space: the city,
4) Virtual public space: media.

Students will explore visualisation strategies in public spheres through:

· Compiling a virtual toolbox: clustering previous artistic and scientific knowledge;
· Field experience: developing and processing an intervention in the public sphere in Hong Kong;
· Re-reading and reporting the implemented narratives and their artistic potential.

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