Category: Globalisation

The Syrphe African + Asian Database

Interview with C-Drik Fermont, curator and producer of the Syrphe African & Asian Database. The aim of the database, run by the label called Syrphe, is to let people know that alternative electronic, experimental and noise music also exist in underrated continents. By Julian Bonequi, published @ norient.com Check Syrphe.com for latest listings, buy their…

artists doing gardening

some gardening work I took part in a conference in Basel last weekend. It was called “the good and the public” and was organised by raumlaborberlin. http://raumlabor.info/das-gute-und-das-oeffentliche/ One of the little interventions in between was to cut the fence between France and Switzerland at the Novartis Camus down. I’m sorry that the language is German,…

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