Mong Kok – Yau Ma Tei – North Point

  • Mong Kok: described as one of the busiest districts in the world with extremely high population density, characterized by a mixture of old and new multi-story buildings, with shops and restaurants at street level and commercial or residential units above.

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  • Yau Ma Tei: The district is mainly an area of mixed residential and retail. Every night there are markets selling many different kinds of products including clothes, decorations, VCD and toys.

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Both adjacent areas are on the Kowloon pensinsula; the students of Chinese University are already developing their projects in these areas.

  • North Point: a mixed-use urban area on Hong Kong Island. North Point comprises a mix of new luxury developments and older Chinese buildings. The area is undergoing something of a rejuvenation due to the rise in demand for office space in the area. It is the location of Connecting Space Hong Kong from ZHdK.

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Mong Kok

General Information

A Walk tour in Mongkok showing how the street was like:

Public Performance

Mong Kok kung fu showing the kung fu performance in the pedestrian zone:

Other public performance in the pedestrian zone:

There is a conflict concerning the use of the pedestrian area in Sai Yeung Choi Street South as a performance hot spot – with some consequences what the pedestrian zone hours are concerned.

Informal Commerce

Mongkok Ladies market, showing how people set up the flee market everyday

Ladies market in daytime


Artists’ Initiatives

C&G Artpartment



In the middle part of this show, a Hong kong artist, Law Man Lok, introduces 10 most interesting places in Hong Kong. These places are not popular ones. Instead, these places are full of stories and also revealed current issues in Hong Kong.


Yau Ma Tei

significant art organization in Yau Ma Tei which concentrates the community art in the area : Woofer Ten. However, the government has just stopped sponsoring the organization (which leads major argument if this action is a political one). So the future of the organization is obscure.

Local self-initiated food ecologies
So Boring

Takcheonglane德昌里素食合作社 (2號3號舖)

Informal Commerce
Temple Street (Street food/ goods market—night club for grass root)

Hong Kong artist Wong Yin Yan uses wood from the ‘fruit market’ in Hong Kong to make sculpture.

Another multi-media artist, Cheuk Wan Chi, launched a photo project in that area.


North Point

Public Exhibition and Resource Centre
Oi! (Oil Street)

Visit to Asia Art Archive (AAA)
looking at archival materials testifying to a rich history of the presence of the artistic village based on that site.
Oil St Materials

Connecting Space Hong Kong (from Zurich University of the Arts)
Address: Wah Kin Mansion, G/F, 18-20 Fort Street, North Point, Hong Kong

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Password: wws
Floor_Plan_Fort Street

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