The Syrphe African + Asian Database

Interview with C-Drik Fermont, curator and producer of the Syrphe African & Asian Database. The aim of the database, run by the label called Syrphe, is to let people know that alternative electronic, experimental and noise music also exist in underrated continents.
By Julian Bonequi, published @ norient.com
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Link to the interview: http://norient.com/blog/syrphe/



From: Syrphe.com

Hong Kong

Audio artists


  • Dicksonia Music [experimental, See D. Dee]
  • H.I.E. Production Discogs [noise, power electronics, death industrial]
  • Lona Records Site MySpace Discogs
  • Monitor Records (Monitor Bi-Weekly) Site Discogs [industrial, gothic, electronic, experimental, etc. also distributor][1989]
  • Noise Asia Site [electronic, noise, experimental, electro-acoustic, See D. Dee]
  • Noisoke Records Blogspot Facebook [noise, experimental, improv and more][2011]
  • People Mountain People Sea Site Discogs Wikipedia [electronic, sound tracks, folk, pop, etc.][1999]
  • Poo Records Discogs [electronica, experimental]
  • Re-Records Site MySpace Facebook [experimental, electro-acoustic, see No One Pulse][2009]
  • Sound Factory Discogs [industrial, noise, see Noise Asia]
  • Ultra-Mail Prod. Discogs [experimental, noise, industrial, ambient, etc.][2002]
  • White Noise Records Site MySpace

Parties / Events / Venues / Booking / Festivals/ Schools / Centres

  • Av Riot [audio-visual performance series, see Re-Records]
  • Dorkbot-HK (Dorkbot Hong Kong) Site [audio-visual art, experimental]
  • CIA (Culture Industries Association) Site Facebook [experimental, free jazz, improv, noise, etc.]
  • Electro-Acoustic Music Centre (Hong Kong Babtist University) Site [electro-acoustic music]
  • Hidden Agenda Site Wikipedia Douban (豆瓣) Facebook Weibo [noise, experimental, electronic, punk, metal, hip hop, etc.]
  • Sound pocket Site Facebook [sound art, multimedia art, dance, etc.]
  • Strategic Sounds (策略和聲) Facebook [experimental music, active until 2012]

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