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Frank Tang Kai Yiu
2014 / 5-channel HDV / colour / no sound / variable loop

Due to its unique geographical context, every country and city possesses its own distinct cultural features. These features are easy to find in such visual elements as architecture styles, arts, and physical human activities on the ground. As well as topographical differences, there are also distinguishable differences between the skies of different countries.

During my first month of living in Zurich taking part in an artist-in-residency program, I found that the skies of Hong Kong and Zurich differ considerably. I therefore ask the question whether or not cultural boundaries or differences can be seen in the sky as well. I attempt to abstract Zurich’s sky by presenting it on five video screens that capture planes flying through it and leaving their white contrails behind them. The way the video presents the planes drawing white lines on a blue sky forces the viewer to re-evaluate their senses of dimension and colour contrasts.

Exhibition view:

Diplomausstellung Master Transdisziplinarität 2014

Frank Tang Kai-yiu is a Hong Kong-based artist whose artworks look into the performative elements of Chinese painting. An emerging artist, Tang received his Bachelor of Visual Arts (Hons) from Hong Kong Baptist University in 2010. In 2012, he won the Louis Mak Chinese Painting Award, as well as the Grant Award from Muses Foundation for Culture and Education Limited. During his studies his works were well-recognized, winning the Yau Sang Cheong Chinese painting Award of AVA in 2009, and an AVA Award in SOLOS Graduation Show 2010. His artworks have been exhibited in art organizations and galleries in Germany, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Taiwan. Tang’s works are provocative to human thoughts, senses and behaviour. As a process-oriented artist he is confident that the actual experience weighs more than the result itself. Through the medium of video, Tang captures the process of art-making, which he believes to be an experience including senses, thinking process, action and reaction, and unexpected happenings. His works invoke viewers’ reflection into their daily life experience from a fresh perspective. Recently, he has been exploring the relationship between Chinese painting possibilities of showing this process on video. Frank Tang participated in the exhibition as a guest.

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