Fake The City

Patricia Nocon
Do what you see – Fake the city
2014 / video installation

Patricia Nocon: Gesture HK 1 from Connecting Spaces Hong Kong on Vimeo.

Patricia Nocon: Gesture HK 2 from Connecting Spaces Hong Kong on Vimeo.

My work revolves around the study of urban life through bodily experience. For this project, I have therefore adopteda research method where I attempt to study people’s behaviour through a process of constant imitation and repetition. I am engrossed in the question of whether or not it is possible to generate a type of sociological knowledge via this method of imitating people in the public sphere.

I focus on the question how we become visible by body language and gestures. What do our movements and gestures say about us? How do people present themselves though the physical perspective?Usually I follow people, either men or women for half an hour and try to learn her way of walking. I film people in public. I observe how they sit or eat, how does someone touch himself? How does interaction look like? Which movements and gestures create nearness or distance? I record their gestures on photos or write down my observations in words.

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