Jyoti Kapur
Inside / Outside
2014 / 1-channel-video, sound

The inside is outside or the outside is inside this idea could change immediately when we think in context of living environments in different cities of the world. «Space» in its sense of physical area or a perception of a surrounding, is of interest to me. With an eye on the «outside» public spaces in Hong Kong, one comes across many daily mundane scenes on the roadside, in between the back-lanes of buildings, in parks, on the sea front, the list goes on.

These mundane daily scenes are of people performing a part of their private life in the public. At the same time, looking into the «inside» of the housing environments there are surprises to be discovered. The thin line of Inside/Outside sometimes vanishes. The intention of this work is to show what we see and make seen within the context of living spaces in private and public in certain parts of Hong Kong.

Exhibition view:

Diplomausstellung Master Transdisziplinarität 2014


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